Pint-sized Calgary Painter Making Waves — And Charity Dollars — With 'purple, Pink And Gold'

Pint-sized Calgary Painter Making Waves — And Charity Dollars — With 'purple, Pink And Gold'

Four-year-old Cosette Swart took a break from her sprinkly donut to discuss the paintings she sells for charity.

The Calgary tot's abstract acrylic works have fetched up to $350 apiece to aid the destitute in South America.

She does it "to help the poor," she says, adding her colour preferences "are purple, pink and gold."

Her style of art's been compared to that of the renowned Jackson Pollock, though her mother Kristy-Anne admits her daughter attracts her share of skeptics.

"There are negative comments like 'any kid or monkey can do this,'" said the older Swart.

"It's not like I'm trying to say it's van Gogh but there's something joyful and uninhibited in her paintings."

Enough buyers have agreed to lay down more than $8,000 for 80 of Cosette's paintings - the money will buy farm animals for the poor through World Vision Canada.

It started last winter when a bored, three-year-old Cosette began dabbling with cheap kiddie paint, said her mom.

"I was liking what she was doing so I pulled out my acrylics," she said.

Watching YouTube videos on the plight of poor kids became a catalyst for the little girl to pursue her art, said Swart.

"She gets it, she can grasp they have no food or clean water," she said.

It's hoped Cosette's generosity will add to World Vision Canada's stable of creative young givers, said charity spokeswoman Sara Austin.

"It's a really tangible way that children can give back and make a difference," said Austin.

"We want to inspire others to give their talent."

On Thursday, Cosette received a gift back from the Peruvian kids her talent has helped - a framed group photo of thanks.

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